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Kidron Metal Products has a long history of design, engineering, and manufacturing of turnkey custom cabs used in a variety of applications.  Kidron Metal Products custom cabs can be found on your neighborhood garbage truck or housing a team of fire fighters as their apparatus rushes to the next emergency.  Our cabs are used on rough terrain vehicles, such as mining trucks, to everyday farm machinery seen on a hard working yard tractor. 


We begin the process by working directly with our OEM partners to understand their needs.  Kidron Metal Products has the ability to manufacture custom cabs utilizing numerous materials, including mild steel, galvanneal, galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel, and plastics.  Exteriors and interiors can be primed or finish painted. Cab fabrications can range from shells to full interiors with insulation, instrument panels, glass, hardware, controls and wiring.  From beginning to end, Kidron Metal Products can deliver to your business an industry best, turnkey solution. 


Because Kidron Metal Products has a long pedigree in building safe and compliant custom cabs, we specialize in working with our clients to make sure we deliver the highest level of quality, while also saving our customer the time and investment required in cab design.  We pride ourselves on just in time delivery to ensure our customer’s operations run smoothly. 


If your company is looking to expand your product line or re-evaluate your current custom cab supplier, please give Kidron Metal Products a call. 


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